Ninanana Yoga was co-founded by Rebecca Sheikh and Randip Shivdasani in 2016. Rebecca has 17 years teaching experience in Primary Schools, holds an MA in Counselling in Education and is a trained Aware Parenting coach ( as well as mum to two small Yoginis. Randip is a former BBC News Journalist, has practised yoga for over 15 years and is mum to one small Yogini. Both have completed Advanced Children's Yoga Teacher Training with a Yoga Alliance accredited course. Randip is also able to work therapeutically with children on a one-to-one basis using a special sensory Yoga method designed to enhance the lives of those living with ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) symptoms having completed Foundation level training with Yo'tism.


At Ninanana Yoga we believe Yoga is for all, regardless of ability or disability, and that healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Our classes for children are fun and creative, often using props and music, but always with traditional Yoga asanas/postures and values at their core. We teach to cultivate a practice that will encourage children to connect with and appreciate what their minds and bodies can do regardless of what they look like. Through movement and discussion we underline why it is important to look after ourselves and to have an awareness of the world around us. We believe in empowering and exercising the whole child to aid both their mental and physical development.


'Yoga supported me most importantly through my birth and now it supports me as I parent my toddler and help her deal with the big emotions that bubble up for her. It is a dream to be able to teach the life-changing skills that yoga has not only for our bodies but also for our minds.’  Rebecca Sheikh, co-founder of Ninanana Yoga.

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“Knowing the many beautiful benefits that Yoga has brought into my life I wish I’d had the opportunity to practise it as a child. I am determined, therefore, that every child I meet has the opportunity to experience and develop a joyful and meaningful Yoga practice that will support them as they grow.”  Randip Shivdasani, co-founder of Ninanana Yoga.